Why Sleeping On Your Right Side Could Be Killing You

We all have our favorite sleeping position, and it is difficult to change that, but according to some experts, certain sleeping positions are healthier than others. For instance, sleeping on the back is considered as good sleeping position, while sleeping on your right side has negative influence on your body.

According to many doctors, pregnant women should avoid sleeping on their right side because this sleeping position causes blood flow in the uterus, problems with the liver, increase chance of stillbirth, decreased flow of nutrients to the baby, damaged placenta, etc.

This sleeping position is not only bad for pregnat women, but for people in generall  as well. Sleeping on the right side can worsen heartburns and it can lead to numbness in the morning. The reason why you experience numbness in the arm is because all your weight goes on one arm and the blood circulation gets limited.

“Rubber arm” is the condition which pressures the nerves and causes neddles and pins in your arm. This is very unpleasent feeling which will wake you up in the middle of the night and it will lead to insomnia. Moreover, heartburn causes GERD which can lead to cancer.

When it comes to sleeping on the left side, it is not so detrimental because it has some benefits such as reduced blood pressure and heart rate. Nevertheless, the best sleeping position for pregnant women is sleeping on the back.

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