Doctors send 5-year-old girl home to die, when she suddenly wakes healed and speaking a message

As a kid, Brittany Backenhaster was the coolest kid in the bloc, but she had some health problems that threatened to mess up her life. As her mom, Jamie, described her, Brittany was lively and joyful. But the seizures were too much for her.

One day, Jamie found her daughter in a seizure on her bedroom floor in the morning. Brittany would take medications and walk around with a helmet on her head to protect her head in case she fell into a seizure.

At one point, her illness got so bad that she was hospitalized. The doctors tried everything with no avail. She was “going down” with the seizures. Her mom blamed herself for being the cause of the hereditary disease. The doctors gave up and told her to take her kid home to spend her last moments in peace. That’s when the desperate mom turned to God!

She prayed for her baby, and what happened next is still a puzzle. Brittany woke up all well and narrated of having seen Jesus in her dream. The doctors said she was healed!

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